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Interview : Fitness profile Ida B Olsson

Recently I had a shoot with Ida B Olsson. She is a fitness profile from Sweden that loves a good workout. She is a personal trainer, runners coach, yoga teacher, mom and wife. I took the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions, on how you start off the year right with a healthy outlook and how you get the determination to get in shape.

It is the beginning of the year, a time when a lot of people start working out (again). How can they remain motivated to work out through out the year, making it a lifestyle rather than something temporary?

To find your WHY. If you will find your why you will also figure out your how. People tend to focus more on getting the right props or workout program instead of figuring out why they want to start working out and eating healthy. Focus on the feeling of who you will be with a healthy lifestyle. How do you want to spend the future? Being sick and in pain or being happy and joyful? A healthy lifestyle is a good way to make the best out of the rest of your life.

What are the 3 biggest misstakes people do when trying to get in shape.

1. Focusing on their "how' rather than 'why'.

2. Doing it all at the same time. Like going from no workouts a week to 7 workouts per week and at the same time changing their entire diet.

3. Being too anxious about getting quick results.

What motivates you to go to the gym or to go out for a run in the beginning of the year, when it is dark and cold?

The feeling afterwards! When I’m in the shower or in the sofa.. The feeling when you accomplished something good for yourself . The fact that you did it. It’s worth the temporary pain.

Can you give me three simple rules to live by for a healthier lifestyle?

1. Do it because it is good for you. Not because anyone else is telling you to, or everyone else is doing it. There you can create your own rules. For example 80/20. Be healthy 80% of the time and do or eat whatever you want 20% of the time.

2. Find a workout that you enjoy doing. Not everyone have to love running! Do something to get your heart going for the cardio and also something that keeps your muscles growing strong! Maybe you love to dance in a studio or to go to the park for a full body weight circle?

3. Don’t event think about the options. NOT being healthy is not even an option. And that is because being healthy is the best option for a long and happy life.

How can you find inspiration in your daily life?

By looking at my kids. I want to live as long as I can to see them grow up. And also by living the life I choose to create. I love life. Everything about it! Watching a sunrise, smelling the spring flowers, listening to the crackling fireplace. The small things in life.

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